Childcare Bonaire sounds the alarm on one sided attention on quality

KRALENDIJK – Daycare centers on Bonaire sound the alarm in a letter which is described as coming from the Local Consultation Childcare, with the somewhat unfortunate abbreviation (LOKB) in a letter to Dutch members of Parliament about the situation of childcare on the island.

Although LOKB says it fully supports the aim of improving quality, it also believes that it is a somewhat one-sided approach. “We fully support raising the quality requirements in childcare, our children only deserve the best quality care. We are highly motivated to provide only the highest possible quality care to the more than 3000 children who come to us. The bill creates an important framework for higher quality requirements and we therefore welcome this. However, where the Dutch State falls short is the associated funding and support to ensure implementation at a high-quality level”.

Not feasible

LOKB also writes that owners of various childcare organizations on Bonaire are considered to be entrepreneurs, but that from the Netherlands, attention is purely paid to quality and cost reduction for the parents, but hardly any attention is paid to the feasibility of the entrepreneurs.

The organization also writes that childcare organizations have been confronted with a price ceiling since 2020, but according to LOKB that is no longer a tenable matter.

The letter signed by Donald Paula on behalf of the LOKB calls on the members of parliament to include the problems of the organizations in their concerns and say they are happy to provide further explanation.

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