Children’s parade moves through streets of a wet Kralendijk

In spite of grey skies, there was much enthusiasm under participants and spectators. Photo: ABC Online Media. 

KRALENDIJK – A relatively small but colorful parade went through the streets of Kralendijk on Sunday. Although small showers repeatedly passed over the city while the procession was still in full swing, the fun was no less.

Particularly after a break of two years, the enthusiasm for the carnival celebration seemed great. At around 10 o’clock in the morning, loud music could be heard at various stands, and spectators were preparing for the procession that would not leave until three o’clock in the afternoon. Several  spectators could be seen with beer bottles in their hand, even in the early morning hours.


The parade was on the short side with 4 groups. However, most groups were relatively large. The day before, the parade had already passed through the streets of Rincon, where the spectators also enthusiastically celebrated.

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