Christmas Tree Placed on Top of Mount Scenery

A total of 6 persons took the effort to climb Mount Scenery to place the Christmas Three at the highest point of the Kingdom.

The Bottom, Saba- This past weekend, a Christmas tree was placed at the top of Mt. Scenery, with 877m the highest point in the Dutch Kingdom.

On Saturday, December 14, six persons climbed Mt. Scenery with a Christmas tree, with the roots still attached. Climbing 1,060 steps with a tree that measured about 4.5m and weighed some 50 kilos was no easy task.

The small group also brought a pick and two shovels, as well as the decorations for the tree, and a Saba flag. A hole was dug at the top in which the tree was placed. Saba wishes everyone in the Kingdom very happy holidays and a healthy 2020.

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