CHTA meets Bonaire Culinary Team on island

CHTA meets Bonaire Culinary Team on island

“Bonaire’s culinary side is very strong and shows local talent, very impressive”, says Mr Frank Comito, CEO / Director General of the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (CHTA), who brought a visit to Bonaire the weekend of 24 March.

Mr Comito attended the very first dinner of Bonaire’s Culinary Team and was very pleased to see the talented young professional chefs so motivated for the Taste of the Caribbean. “The Bonaire Culinary Team always makes a great impression during the competition, year after year.” The Taste of the Caribbean is a yearly culinary competition for young professional chefs and bartenders organized by CHTA, taking place in Miami from 22-26 June this year.

Through active membership of the Bonaire Hotel and Tourism Association (BONHATA) in CHTA, Bonaire can attend and compete in the Taste of the Caribbean with the Bonaire Culinary Team. “BONHATA plays an essential role in the participation of the team in the competition.” Without BONHATA, there would not be a culinary team for Bonaire.

The team, consisting of Senior Chefs Miguel (Popi) Saragoza and Sherundly (Shur) Bernabela; Junior Chef Josue Chalabi; Pastry Chef María (Mary) Maestroni; Bartender Kelvin Ventura and extra chef Dustin Libiee, will be travelling to Miami this year in June together with Team Manager Floris van Loo to compete in the Taste of the Caribbean.

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