Citizens should feel the impact of the new BC in their homes, wallets, and hearts

KRALENDIJK – All five present council members spoke about what motivates them to be part of a new coalition. PDB leader Clark Abraham started on behalf of the five council members with a short opening. “What’s the point if the island progresses, but its citizens don’t?” Abraham wondered.

Although Abraham also indicated that governing the island would not be simple, the new coalition’s ambition is for every citizen to notice a difference. “Citizens should feel the difference in their homes, their wallets, and their hearts,” said Abraham.


Daisy Coffie from M21 stated that tangible results must be achieved. “Together, we don’t just want to reach the finish line in 2027, but we also want to achieve tangible and noticeable results.

In turn, Cyrill Vrolijk emphasized that it is important for the new coalition to work sincerely and honestly for the population. “Everywhere I’ve worked, I’ve sworn to do it with honor and conscience. But gradually, I felt that the governance of our island was off track. That’s why I decided to withdraw my support from the previous coalition.”

Vrolijk also pointed out that there’s no point in looking back. “We now need to look forward to what will improve.”

Fifty Points

The new coalition has presented a governance agreement with fifty specific points that will be worked on during the upcoming administrative period. In a few days, it will also be known who the new deputies will be. “A procedure must be followed to appoint the deputies, and that process is already underway.”

The governance agreement is titled “Hustu i Duradero”, which translates to “fair and sustainable.”

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