Clark Abraham (PDB) has several questions for Executive Council Bonaire

KRALENDIJK – The leader of opposition party Partido Demokrátiko Boneriano (PDB) wants to use the public meeting of the Island Council on Thursday to ask various questions to the Executive Council.

Abraham wants more information about the traffic situation in the Kaya Neerlandia from the deputy for infrastructure. After refurbishing the road there, residents have concerns about traffic and constructed speed bumps.

Abraham wants an explanation from the Deputy for Tourism, Hennyson Thielman, about the limitation of the number of tourists that the island wants to receive. Although it recently appeared in Dutch newspapers that there would be a policy to limit the number of stay-over tourists at 250,000, Abraham says he has questions about the policy. “There is talk of limiting, but in reality the number of 250,000 means almost a doubling of the current number of stay-over tourists.”

From Thielman, Abraham also wants information about the free access of residents to the beaches of the island. Recently, reports appeared on the island from residents who were refused entry to the beaches of various hotels on the island.

Child allowance

Finally, from the deputy with social affairs in her portfolio, Nina den Heyer, Abraham wants to know what the status of the Child Allowance file is. Recently, rumours have been heard about a doubling of child benefits for parents with children with extra care needs. It appears that the extra payment will take longer than expected.

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