Cleaning action Bonaire in light of World Cleanup Day

KRALENDIJK – On Saturday morning, a cleaning action started on Kaya Calixta. The activity took place in the light of World Cleanup Day. 

At the start, Commissioner Hennyson mentioned that for some time now regular cleanups are being organized in various locations. “There are different campaigns to clean up and maintain sites free of debris or litter, as well as to raise awareness among people to keep it clean. We are known for a clean island, and we need to maintain that. It’s important for all of us. As Government, we want to warn that we will take severe action when it comes to maintenance. We will not tolerate the actions of those who irresponsibly throw trash in the wilderness. Thanks to everyone contributing to the campaign, along with SELIBON, Let’s clean up and keep it clean,” Thielman said.

SELIBON N.V. at the beginning of the action stated that they will clean up 7 locations. They are also cleaning up various sites, especially when it comes to littered trash.

Keeping Bonaire clean

“Together, we have to keep Bonaire clean. We are thankful for everyone present to help pick up trash today. Let’s learn not to litter on the streets. Let’s keep Bonaire clean. Today is a big day,” according to SELIBON.

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