Clyde requests IC meeting on GTI and Golden Rock Resort

A view of the new Golden Rock Resort. Photo: Golden Rock Resort.

ORANJESTAD- Councilman Clyde van Putten (PLP) has sent a formal request to have an Island Council ‘Central Committee’ meeting about developments at GTI and Golden Rock resort, although for different reasons.

Regarding GTI, Van Putten said that in recent times concerns were expressed as to possible challenges being faced by the GTI operations on the Island. “With the consideration of the pivotal role that this company plays in the overall economic well-being of the island, it is important that the Island council sit to exchange ideas and assist­­ wherever possible”, according to Van Putten in his written request.


Van Putten also wants to hear from Gold Rock Resort, not because of impending trouble, but more because it is a great development for the island. “It is commendable what is taking place and signals a positive development for the island”.

Van Putten also said it was heartening to see how many locals are employed in the hospitality as well as construction sector. “Here too it is important for the council to be­­­­­­ brought up to speed as to these developments and their future plans”, according to the councilman.

Van Putten requested that the chairman of the Central committee invite the management of both companies to be present at the meeting where they can provide and give an update as to these ongoing operations. 

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