St. Eustatius

Clyde Van Putten: “Not the time for Division, Name Calling or Blame Game”

Oranjestad, St. Eustatius- PLP leader Clyde van Putten says he is deeply concerned about the arrival of the Covid-19 virus on the island, but that that it is not the time for division, name calling or what he calls ’the blame game’.

Van Putten said on Thursday evening, that he -like many- was deeply concerned with the recent announcement that two persons were tested positive for the virus on the island of St. Eustatius. Van Putten said that this revelation was in no way good news for such a small island as Statia.


Van Putten said he also wished that the population would adhere to the imposed measures. “I call on all residents of the island to adhere to the rules and regulations as put forward by the local authorities in an effort to prevent any further outbreak of this potentially deadly virus”. Van Putten furthermore encouraged residents to practice social distancing, stay at home and wash their hands on a regular basis.

The PLP leader also stated that he was concerned with some of the comments and publications on social media, which in his opinion were not contributing in a positive way to the present situation.

“As a God fearing people we must come together in solidarity and pray for the safety of our island and its people. This pandemic should not be taken lightly”, said Van Putten, who added that he had every confidence that God would see the island and its residents through this painful period.

Thoughts and prayers

Van Putten also expressed that his thoughts and prayers were with the two individuals that were infected. “I wish them a speedy recovery. Much strength to them and their families”.

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