Clyde van Putten starts Weekly Radio Program

Van Putten, seen here during his swearing in by then-Government Commissioner van Rij says he feels he has been silent too long, and that he has lots to discuss during his radio broadcasts.

ORANJESTAD- Member of the Island Council for the Progressive Labor Party (PLP) Clyde van Putten, starting Friday October 1, will have a weekly radio show called Statia Hard Talk. The show will air every Friday from 10.30 – 11.30 in the morning.

Asked for the reason of starting his own radio show, Van Putten said he felt it was important to inform the residents of developments on the island, as he sees it.

“This program will afford me the oppurtunity to inform the general public as to my work/activities as an elected member of the Island Council”, said Van Putten, adding he felt that he had been silent too long.

“I believe that I have been silent on many issues which are affecting the Island. I feel like the island is being given away since the take-over by the Dutch. On my own radio show I will be able to talk about things as I see them”.

Van Putten also stated that while he at times would be labeled as ‘anti-Dutch’, this was not the case. “I am not anti-Dutch, but there are at the same time many things taking place that I am not in agreement with either. I would admit I am critical, but I was elected by the people of St. Eustatius to defend their interests”, said Van Putten.

Radio show

Van Putten also pointed out that various other council member and politicians had their own radio show. “The time has come for me to tell my story, and to share with listeners where I stand with all that is taken place on our island.

Starting tomorrow, October 1st, the Statia Hard Talk program sill start airing on Radio Statia, PJB 50, 92.3 FM.

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