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Clyde van Putten: Voter is Always Right

Oranjestad, March 21st, 2019

Be careful what you wish for
The front man for the opposition party of Statia, Mr. Sneek, confidently stated that the elections for the electoral council yesterday were a test to see where his party stands, leading up to the next island council elections. His party was all in favor of these nonsensical elections. They were the only local party to participate which says enough), and therefore all votes cast therefore automatically went to the opposition party.

Looking at the comparison with the island council elections of 2015, however, the opposition party might have been better off not participating. Just like its big sister party in the Netherlands, the CDA, the opposition party and its individual candidates who are currently members of the island council, lost a good bit of support.

Despite the fact that they were the only party postulated to vie for 0 seats, and despite the propaganda to get voters out, the voters of Statia were not fooled. I know that they will come with all sorts of excuses, just like Mr. Knops did on Dutch national TV, but the fact of the matter is that voters are not foolish, are always right, and always have the last say in a democracy.

I am convinced that the opposition party was punished by the voters of Statia for not standing up for their right to elect their own local representatives to the Island Council. Just like its big sister party the CDA in the Netherlands, the opposition party was punished at the polls for not taking care of the business of the people.

I hereby want to commend the people of Statia for not being fooled by the misleading propaganda of the Dutch Government and local opposition party. You can rest assured that your legitimate government of Sint Eustatius will continue its quest to have democracy restored and the democratic will of the people respected.


Clyde I. van Putten

Island Council Member and Leader of Government of St. Eustatius

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