Clyde van Putten wants Air Connectivity issue Statia addressed

Clyde van Putten wants Air Connectivity issue Statia addressed
Councilman Clyde Van Putten had quite some critical questions during Friday’s Island Council Meeting

ORANJESTAD- During the meeting of the Island Council on Friday to discuss the delays in the startup of the Makana Ferry service, not only the problems surrounding were addressed, but also the situation regarding the airlift to the island. 

“I want to hear from the Government, what the plans are regarding Airlift. It is a problem for our island”, said Van Putten. The Councilman, among others, pointed to the fact that EZ Air was financed with money of the Pension Fund Caribbean Netherlands, but that for one reason or the other, the Dutch Government was ignoring this fact and overlooking EZ Air in favour of for instance Winair.

Van Putten also expressed concern that the attention for the Ferry Services would cause what he referred to as a ‘loss of focus’ when it came to the challenges regarding airlift to and from the island. “I don’t want the ferry to be used as reason to not address the airlift situation we are confronted with”, said Van Putten. 

Not for everyone

The Councilman repeatedly stressed that he was not against the ferry and saw the ferry as an addition to current transportation alternatives. “However, the ferry won’t be for everyone. Simply because of the long duration of the journey, from here to St. Maarten, the ferry will not be for everyone”, said Van Putten. 

“I would really want to see the Government Commissioners address this airlift situation on the short and medium term”, concluded Van Putten. 

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