Coalition parties Bonaire want critical reports made public after all

KRALENDIJK – After much criticism over past days that coalition parties MPB and UPB wanted to keep three investigative reports confidential, the parties sent out an agreement stating that they want the three reports made public after all. 

In an Island Council meeting last week, the parties used their majority on the Council to decide that critical reports on Bonlab, the Sunset Beach Development Agreement and the failed roundabout report should remain confidential.

“The coalition parties (MPB and UPB) value transparency, integrity and good governance. The population must know what has been decided and how decisions are made. Even if things have not gone well, lessons must be learned from them and the lessons to be learned from them must be made public,” according to a statement sent out early on Tuesday morning on behalf of MPB party leader Tjin Asjoe (MPB) and fraction leader Esther Bernabela (UPB). 

According to the statement, the parties will strive to lift the confidentiality of the reports as soon as possible, but must remove first company confidential information and “privacy must be guaranteed”.


Independent council lady Daisy Coffie, meanwhile, has nothing good to say about the coalition’s actions. She also sent out a sharp statement about this on Tuesday morning, blasting the coalition’s actions. “With its actions, the coalition has clearly shown that it does not want to act in accordance with the principles of Good Governance,” says Coffie.

Coffie is also critical on the role and attitude of Island Governor Edison Rijna when it comes to the issue.  “The Island Governor has not even used his authority to urge the coalition to make these reports public.”

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