Coalition parties Bonaire wants installation of Councilmen and Commissioners to be more formal

KRALENDIJK – The governing parties UPB and MPB want to restore old formalities when swearing in Island Council members or Commissioners and give the swearing-in a more solemn character.

The two governing parties state this in a letter to interim lieutenant governor Nolly Oleana. The two parties comment on the way in which new councillors and deputies were recently sworn in.

“In our coalition agreement between the parties UPB and MPB under number 5, it has been agreed that we will comply with the applicable rules when attending the Island Council. The coalition has noted that a good practice has been deviated from in which new members of the island council and the executive council are heard or sworn in, and that the text remains unread for each individual member in accordance with Article 15 of the WolBES,” said the signed letter. by James Kroon (UPB) and Hennyson Thielman (MPB).


In addition, the two parties are also of the opinion that the blessing should again take place for the coat of arms of the Public Entity Bonaire (OLB), just as was the case in the past. According to the governing parties, this should also give a more solemn touch to the swearing-in ceremony.

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