Coast Guard detains 29 Venezuelans on Klein Curaçao

A total of 29 undocumented persons were detained by the Coast Guard between today (26) and yesterday (3). All had the Venezuelan nationality. Photo: Coast Guard Dutch Caribbean.

Willemstad- In a well-coordinated action of the Dutch Caribbean Coastguard, with Super-RHIB and Jet-Ski in the water and Dash-8 and the helicopter in the air, a total of twenty-nine documented persons with the Venezuelan nationality were detained.

This action has been going on for several days and nights and resulted in the arrest of these twenty-nine people. According to information from the Coastguard spokesperson, with actions such as these the Coast Guard crew must always be alert, as illegal weapons and drugs are often found. Two Super-RHIB units of the Coast Guard Sub-station Curaçao have been deployed to transport the people to the sub-station in Parera. There, they were attended by the Coast Guard where they first received something to eat and drink, but also blankets and clothes as they showed dehydration symptoms.

Afterwards they were transferred to the Police that is investigating the case together with the Coast Guard.

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