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Coast Guard detains 30 illegal Venezuelans; intercepts Drugs Shipment

The Coast Guard will be extra alert for illegal activities at sea during the Carnival Period. Photo: Coast Guard

Every time larger groups of undocumented Venezuelans are being detained in the waters near the Dutch Caribbean Islands. Photo: Coast Guard

Willemstad- The Coast Guard Caribbean (KWCARIB) this morning has detained a vessel with no less than thirty undocumented Venezuelans south of Daaibooibaai, Curaçao.

The radar operator of the Rescue and Coordination Center of the Coast Guard detected a suspicious contact on the radar south of Daaibooibaai, Curaçao. A Super-RHIB of the coast guard support center Curaçao was used immediately to investigate the contact.

South of Daaibooibaai, they found a vessel of the yola type. This was boarded by the crew of the Super-RHIB. There were thirty (30) persons on board, of which 25 (25) men and five (5) women.

In an attempt to sail the yola to the support center at Parera, the vessel got engine trouble. In first instance, a number of the passengers were taken on board the Super-RHIB and a second Super-RHIB had to be used to transport them all to the Coast Guard base at Parera.

A quantity of narcotics was also found during further investigation. The thirty (30) passengers of Venezuelan nationality have been handed over to Police. The drugs have also been transferred to the authorities. The case is still under investigation.

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