Coast Guard finds lifeless body of missing boat captain

A Coastguard Metal Shark off St. Maarten’s coast. Photo: Coastguard

PHILIPSBURG- A Coast Guard patrol team was dispatched last Wednesday after receiving a report from the Korps Politie Sint Maarten that the captain of the vessel Joloca was missing.

The captain of the vessel, which is docked in Simpson Bay Lagoon, did not show up for an appointment with his friends. His friends went looking for him hereafter and found his dinghy among the rocks near the airport.

Immediately after the report from KPSM, the Maritime Operations Center of the Coast Guard dispatched a Metal Shark to the area where the dinghy was found to search for the man. After searching for a while, the Coast Guarders canceled the search due to the poor sight after sunset. Yesterday morning a Metal Shark crew was sent to the location to continue the search for the missing man. 

Forensic Team

During the search, the Coast Guard officers found the lifeless body of the man in the sea and brought him to land. Detectives from KPSM and the forensic team were there taking pictures for their investigation. 

A funeral home came to transport the lifeless body to the funeral home. The Coast Guard expresses condolences to the family of the deceased. 

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