Coast Guard Gets Temporary Support with Border Protection

The support personnel has received extensive training in preparation of their new task. Photo: Coastguard.

Willemstad- The Coastguard has decided to further intensify the patrols of the costs.

For this purpose, military personnel from the Curaçao militia and the Aruban militia will be deployed in Curaçao and Aruba respectively.

The ‘miliciens’ have undergone extensive training to work with the coast guard personnel at sea. The Coast Guard uses all its units to monitor the coastlines against illegal practices.

In addition to the expansion of the Coast Guard patrols with the ‘miliciens’, the station ship, Zr.Ms. Zeeland and the NH-90 helicopter patrol the Coast Guard. Citizens can always call 913 if they see suspicious activities at sea or in the coastal strip. Strong together!

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