Coast Guard to Intensify Patrols

The Coast Guard will be extra alert for illegal activities at sea during the Carnival Period. Photo: Coast Guard

Willemstad- According to the Coast Guard, the carnival period is known as a period with increased illegal activities at sea.

Boats, often with a lot of people on board, according to the Coast Guard, try to reach the ABC islands with the crossing. Those who attempt to land illegally regularly bring weapons and drugs with them during transport.

The Coast Guard points out that, once landed, this illegal trade poses a danger to our society. The Coast Guard says to be working hard to make sea and coastline safe, so that illegal immigrants and illegal trade can not land.

According to the Coast Guard, it has been proven that especially during the Carnival Rush, there are more people than normal who try to reach the islands with boats.

The Coast Guard will therefore intensify its patrols in the coming period. The units at sea, in the air and on land are more than visible. The Coast Guard also receives assistance from Defense with the station ship Zr. Ms. Zealand.

A call goes out to denounce suspect activities at sea, via the number 913 which is accessible 24/7.

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