Coastguard comes to the rescue of fishing boat Bonaire

A photo of LA PATRONA taken by the Coast Guard. Photo: Coast Guard

KRALENDIJK – Last Saturday, the Coast Guard’s Maritime Operations Center (MOC) received a report from the captain of a local Bonairean fishing boat in distress.

The boat, LA PATRONA, was north of Malmok and was out of fuel. The captain could not pinpoint his location, nor did he have any distress signals on board. After the captain’s report, the MOC informed the coastguard helicopter, which immediately flew out to search for the boat.

The Coast Guard helicopter managed to find the boat that had three people on board. The Coast Guard patrol aircraft had meanwhile taken over the assistance of the Coast Guard helicopter. Ultimately, the Coast Guard cutter Jaguar was deployed to tow LA PATRONA to the Waf di Piskado on Bonaire.

Means of communication

The Coast Guard regularly warns boat owners to have means of communication, preferably a VHF radio, and emergency signals on board when sailing. “These can save your life,” said the Coast Guard.

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