Coastguard continues to patrol intensively around ABC Islands

Willemstad – Now that COVID-19 measures are easing on the islands, even more vigilance is required. South America is one of the largest hot spots at the moment and in Venezuela alone many hundreds of COVID-19 infections are added every day. This is the Coast Guard reason to continue to closely monitor the borders of the ABC islands. The Coast Guard is alert and uses all its units and sensors to detect illegal practices at sea.

The Defense units on water and on land are also used for this. The intensive coastal surveillance focuses in particular on illegal maritime transport of goods and persons attempting to reach the islands illegally. In addition to a criminal risk, this also constitutes a COVID-19 risk to the islands.

The Coast Guard enforces the laws and, supported by the Ministry of Defence, continues to monitor individuals who illegally want to gain access to Aruba, Curaçao and Bonaire. Upon arrest, all persons and any illegal goods transferred to the police for further investigation and handling. In order to optimally monitor our territorial waters and coastline, they request also your help. As an alert citizen, you can inform the Coast Guard when a suspect is observed situations at sea. The Coast Guard is available day and night via number 913. Together with you they are hoping that they can protect the sea and the waters around the island.

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