Coastguard Detains 4 Men and a Parakeet

There of the men arrested during an interception this morning, July 26, 2019. Photo: Coastguard

Willemstad- The Coastguard has detained 4 men on a vessel early this morning, nearby Klein Curaçao.

The interception of the vessel came after the Dash 8 aircraft of the Coast Guard CARIB saw an unlit vessel during a regular reconnaissance flight. The vessel in question was sailing towards Klein Curaçao.

The Dash immediately forwarded this information to the Rescue & Coordination Center (RCC) of the Coast Guard, which in turn sent the Station ship Zr.Ms. Groningen and the Coast Guard Jaguar Cutter informed. Both ships were patrolling the waters of Curaçao at that time. The Parera Support Center was also informed that the Metal Shark I-02 was launched to accept the unlit vessel.

The interception took place at 02:45 on 7 nautical miles south of Klein Curaçao. A warning shot has been fired during interception. It turned out to be an Eduardoño type vessel with four (4) people and a parakeet on board.

The vessel was brought to the Coast Guard jetty and the four people were handed over to the police. The veterinary service has been informed to come and collect the parakeet from the coast guard.

The Coast Guard has made no mention of the nationality of the detained men, nor has been mentioned if the were guilty of any illegal activity.

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