Coastguard finds suspicious packages on Klein Bonaire

Klein Bonaire | foto We share Bonaire

KRALENDIJK – The Coast Guard on Sunday has investigated the behavior of a in order to determine, among other things, whether the boat that had left Lac Bay in Bonaire for Curaçao, or had sailed towards the Avis islands.

The boat in question turned out to have sailed to Curaçao and had reported to customs there, but not to the immigration department. The Coast Guard then asked the Rescue & Control Center (RCC) to locate and monitor the boat.

Around noon RCC was able to see that the boat in question was turning and set course towards Klein Bonaire at high speed. At that time, the Justice -03 Coast Guard patrol vessel was heading for Klein Bonaire. In the meantime, the signaled boat has started sailing again at high speed in the direction of Kralendijk.

The boat was subsequently stopped and checked by the Coast Guard. Nothing out of the ordinary was found, with the exception of one person on board who was carrying a small amount of hashish for his own use. The person on board has been handed over to the Marechaussee.


The Justice-03 subsequently conducted an investigation on Klein Bonaire, in which traces of wet footsteps were found in a wet bag. Three packages with possible narcotics were found in the bag. The case is under further investigation.

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