Coastguard intercept another drug shipment South of Curaçao

WILLEMSTAD- Dutch naval vessel Zr.Ms. Friesland, which is currently deployed for coast guard duties in the Caribbean, intercepted a drug transport south of Curaçao in the early morning of February 20.

A so-called go-fast was discovered by the Coast Guard on a known smuggling route, after which the Friesland was activated. The go-fast was reached by fast interceptor, the FRISC. After warning shots, the people occupants of the vessel decided to throw the packages of drugs overboard. The packages were retrieved from the water and taken aboard the FRISC for later transfer to the Coast Guard patrol boats.

The three people on board managed to escape. The drugs were fished out of the sea and seized.


Sr.Ms. Friesland has been active in the region as a station ship for the Caribbean since January 2022 and alternates counter drug operations with supporting the Caribbean Coast Guard.

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