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Coastguard again intercepts vessel with illegal immigrants

A total of seventeen persons, one woman and sixteen men, were caught trying to get into Curaçao illegally by an unlit vessel.

Willemstad- Yesterday evening round 9.30 PM the radaroperator of the Rescue and Coordination Centre of the Coastguard detected a suspicious contact on the radar south of Curaçao.

The coastguard cutter Jaguar was directed to the indicated area. Between Spanish Water and Fuikbay, they found an unlit vessel type ‘eduardoño’ full of people. This vessel was brought up to the coastguard pier in Parera.

Upon further investigation it became clear that there were seventeen persons on board, of which one woman and sixteen men, who were trying to get into Curaçao illegally. All of them of Venezuelan nationality. The vessel was confiscated. The seventeen persons were all handed over to the Police that will further investigate the case in cooperation with the Coastguard.

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