Coastguard Shows New ‘Metal Sharks’ in Saba

The Coastguard, by means of the ‘Metal Sharks’ wants to increase its present in the waters surrounding the Dutch Caribbean islands. Photo: Government of Saba.

The Bottom, Saba -Representatives of the Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard and its Director General Peter Jan de Vin visited Saba on Tuesday, May 28 for a presentation to the Public Entity Saba and to show the new Metal Shark interceptors.

During the presentation at the Government Administration Building, Head of Operations of the Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard Ron Louwerse explained the organization structure, the Coast Guard policy, its tasks and assets. At the end of the presentation, those that attended the meeting were given the opportunity to pose questions. In attendance were members of the island and Executive Council, as well as representatives of the Caribbean Netherlands Police Force, the Fire Department and disaster management.

Four persons from the Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard were present. Aside from Director General De Vin and Head of Operations Louwerse, Head of the Coast Guard substation St. Maarten Jocelyn Roberto Levenstone and Communications Advisor/Spokesperson Shalick Clement were in attendance.

After the presentation part, the Coast Guard delegation and government officials went to the Fort Bay Harbor for a demonstration of the agility and speed of the new high-speed patrol vessels Metal Sharks. The four new Metal Sharks for the Windward Islands were commissioned in March 2019.

The Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard has twelve new Metal Sharks operating in the territorial waters of Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, St. Maarten, St. Eustatius and Saba. With these new vessels, the Coast Guard is able to strengthen its presence in the seas surrounding the islands.

According to the Coast Guard, the Metal Sharks are a valuable asset with their fully-enclosed pilothouse which shields the crew and the special glass which gives perfect visibility and a full system for nighttime operations.

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