Coffie criticizes ‘pushing through’ of budget by MPB/UPB coalition of MPB and UPB

Council lady Daisy Coffie was not shy with her observations during Tuesday’s Island Council Meeting

KRALENDIJK- Island Councillor Daisy Coffie believes that important decisions in the Island Council are not receive the attention they deserve.

Coffie mentions the budget of the Public Entity as an example of this. “Everyone knows that the budget is pretty much the most important document of the OLB. But when it comes down to it, the coalition parties are simply pushing the budget through, simply because they have the majority.”

Coffie says that the coalition is also wasting its time with cheap politics, but does not provide a proper explanation or does not properly respond to questions from the Island Council. In this regard, Coffie refers, among other things, to the large number of ‘Assignment Agreements (OVO)’ entered into by the BC.


“Instead of recruiting and appointing civil servants, the government hires all kinds of advisers. Everyone knows that advisors are three times more expensive than their own employees,” says Coffie.

The budget treatment showed, among other things, that BC entered into OVOs with no fewer than 44 parties for very diverse jobs.

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