Collaboration aims to bring quality chocolates to Bonaire

KRALENDIJK – Chocolate enthusiasts on Bonaire will soon have reason to rejoice as unique, locally-made chocolates become available again. 

“This week, we are starting a new collaboration with an amazing chef on Bonaire. Jeroen, owner of Restaurant At Sea, has just launched a brand-new chocolate business. He creates exquisite chocolates and cream truffles,” says Sweetie Bakery regarding the partnership with Jeroen van der Steen.

Specialty shop

The chocolates will be available 7 days a week at Sweeti Bakery. Incidentally, Sweetie and Van der Steen are not the first to venture into the higher-end chocolate market. Earlier, Bonbons Bonaire opened a specialty shop for chocolates and exquisite pastries on Kaya Nikiboko Zuid, but eventually closed its doors after some time.

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