Colorful Nations Flag Parade for Regatta

KRALENDIJK – On Wednesday, October 11th, Kralendijk’s boulevard burst into a lively display of colors during the flag parade. The event, celebrating the opening festivities of Regatta 2023, featured an energetic procession stretching nearly 2 kilometers. Enthusiastic participants, decked out in flags, joyfully made their way to the main stage by the Government Office. The grand stage hosted the lively festivities for the Regatta.

While the island enjoys the festivities, a moment was also taken to reflect on global conflicts. Papi Cicilia introduced each present country and asked for a 1-minute silence for those currently affected by war violence.

The party began with the popular music group Foyan Boys, who opened the evening with their Caribbean sounds. The headlining act ERA Autentiko came from Curaçao.

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