Commissioner Clark Abraham: ‘Previous ExCo failed to budget anything for dragstrip operation’

Not only did the promised dragstrip become a fevering platform, but according to the current ExCo nothing has been budgeted for the operation of the facility. Photo: ABC Online Media

KRALENDIJK- The previous Executive Council, supported by UPB and MPB, did not ensure funding for a dragstrip on the island. 

That was stated by Commissioner of Finance Clark Abraham during the weekly press conference on Friday afternoon in response to questions from the press, regarding why there is currently nothing going on at the facility.

Abraham was critical of the project. “It is a fact that the previous executive council did not make any plans, nor did it allocate funds to operate this facility.” Abraham also noted that the promised facility was only partially realized. 

“It was promised to build a dragstrip, but in the end, it became a platform for ‘hanging out’. That’s not the same, and not what was promised. It was also said that $400,000 was allocated to build the dragstrip, but that amount can’t really realize a racing strip,” Abraham said. 

Abraham also indicated that the Sports Department Indebon has confirmed that there is no plan in place to operate or finance the facility for the years 2024 and 2025.


The finance commissioner also noted that the promise to build the race track cannot be seen separately from the elections held last year. “It is very remarkable that just before the elections, the implementation of this project started.”

Abraham also felt that residents of the island should be more critical when it comes to what he described as empty promises from politicians or administrators. 

“If it is claimed that money has been reserved for something, ask where in the budget that is reflected. If people can’t show you that in black and white, you can safely assume that the money has not been reserved,” Abraham concluded.

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