Commissioner Craane Opens Pre-Event for PSV and Bonaire P Trade Mission

KRALENDIJK – In anticipation of a joint trade mission between PSV and Bonaire, on Thursday Commissioner Craane opened the so-called pre-event.

The pre-event is intended as a teaser for the trade mission by and for entrepreneurs and industry associations. The trade mission, with the theme ‘Sport, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation,’ will take place from November 4 to 9.

During the trade mission, there will be various round tables, presentations, and brainstorming sessions on topics such as takeovers, entrepreneurship, sports, nutrition, health, innovation, zero-waste management, start-ups, scale-ups, and more.


Companies and industry associations will be invited to participate in this unique trade mission from the organization. Commissioner Craane says she hopes that the invited participants will take part and make the most of this special event for the benefit of their businesses or sectors.

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