Commissioner Den Heyer meets State Secretary Klijnsma

Den Heyer met with State Secretary Klijnsma to talk about a number of issues regarding employment and social benefits on the islands.

The Hague- Commissioner Nina den Heyer (MPB, Bonaire) this week met in the Hague with State Secretary for Social Affairs and Employment, Jette Klijnsma. Both the commissioner and State Secretary Klijnsma agree on the fact that work is the fastest way out of unemployment.

Den Heyer and Klijnsma spoke extensively on developments in the fields of employment, poverty alleviation and the situation of the AOV’ers. “I specifically asked attention for the group of single AOV’ers, whose situation is quite critical. It is my preference to disconnect the AOV of the minimum wage”, said commissioner Den Heyer. Den Heyer admitted that Klijnsma was not directly enthused about the idea, but that she agreed to look at the suggestion. “I applaud the fact that unemployment benefits will increase as of March 1, 2017, but I made it clear that I consider this increase only a first step in the right direction”, said Den Heyer.

Another important issue that has been discussed is the one million made available by the Ministry for the children in the poorest families in the Caribbean Netherlands. “We talked about how that money will be spent. We must ensure that it reaches the children who need it most”, according to the MPB-commissioner after her meeting with Klijnsma.

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