Commissioner Den Heyer: “Parenting is more than conditioning of behavior”

Commissioner Nina Den Heyer during her presentation at the education conference which was held on March 7 and 8 in Bonaire. Photo: OLB

Kralendijk- Commissioner Nina den Heyer, in her speech during the educational conference on March 8 in the Courtyard Hotel, said that educating is more than just the conditioning of behavior. Educators themselves have different standards and values even when living under the same roof.

According to the commissioner, there is also a difference in norms and values per island. According to the commissioner, each of are the Dutch Caribbean islands should work on creating a ‘shared educational vision’.

She further agreed with the words of Micha de Winter, professor of pedagogy, who has stated: “Raising children is a complex matter. It involves the formation of personality. The quest for identity. For the meaning of existence and to place in its culture and society. Everyone involved in the education of children affects not only the opportunities and life of these children. They also affect the future quality and mentality of our society”.

Den Heyer closed off her speech with three lessons she has learned in her role as a mother and as a deputy: 1. Be aware that you 24/7 being monitored. You have set an example. 2. Say what you do and do what you say and 3. It is not about Quantity but about Quality.

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