Commissioner Den Heyer Tests postive for Covid-19

Commissioner Den Heyer during a recent press conference. Photo: BES-Reporter.

KRALENDIJK- Commissioner Den Heyer of among others Public Healthy, has her tested positive for Covid-19 and has gone in isolation.

The Commissioner said this reminded everyone once more, that even when fully vaccinated, people can catch the virus. Bonaire continues to have a relatively high number of new infections each and every day. While in absolute number the amount of 15 persons per day is not all that high, it is high in comparison to neighboring islands on a per capita basis.

There is one new person hospitalized with Covid-19 related symptoms, bringing the total to 7 persons.


Most people on the island suffer from relatively mild symptoms and seem to recover in a few days. “I am feeling relatively well, but my biggest worry are my two teenage children who never seem able to find anything in the house without mommy”, the commissioner said with a wink on her personal Facebook Page.

Many have come out to wish the Commissioner, who is the biggest vote-getter on the island, a speedy recovery.

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