Commissioner Kroon Happy with Road Repair Progress

The Executive Council wants to work on faster road repairs, now that extra funds will become available. Photo: Government of Bonaire
Kroon satisfied with road repairs

James Kroon is pleased that the work is progressing relatively fast. Photo: Government of Bonaire.

Kralendijk- Commissioner of infrastructure, James Kroon, says he is pleased with the progress of the road repairs being executed at the intersection of Kaya Caribe and Kaya Amsterdam.

During a site visit yesterday, Kroon took a look at the work taking place at the intersection which is used by a lot of vehicles on a daily basis.

Kroon received explanation about the progress off the work from supervisors Bishop and Zwiers, who are responsible for the execution of the work. According to Zwiers, if the work keeps progressing as planned, the intersection would be open again for traffic around September 24.

Local government is scrambling to get the funds needed to invest in the local road network, but has so far had to work with a very limited budget. Although the Dutch Government, prior to the transition of Bonaire to the status of Public Entity government by The Netherlands had assumed responsibility for infrastructure, respective Dutch cabinets have been quite reluctant to make the necessary funds available.

State Secretary Raymond Knops of Kingdom Affairs recently stated that there are funds available such as from the so-called ‘regional envelope’, he wants to see guarantees from the local government in terms of good governance and progress with various pending matters, such as backlogged financial statements for government-owned entities.

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