Commissioner Thielman joins Tera Korá cleanup campaign

Commissioner Hennyson Thielman, along with members of his team, rolled up their sleeves over the weekend to help make the island cleaner. Photo: MPB

KRALENDIJK – Commissioner Hennyson Thielman, together with various members of his team, participated in the cleanup campaign held in Tera Korá in recent days.

The campaign is part of the efforts to breath new life into the Tene Boneiru Limpi initiative, carried out in collaboration with the foundation and Selibon waste management. Different neighborhoods are targeted in the campaign, with the removal of bulky waste and litter from the streets.

Commissioner Thielman reminds citizens that, as part of the campaign, garbage can be brought to the landfill free of charge. “I want to remind both citizens and businesses that waste can be disposed of for free at the landfill, so take advantage of this opportunity.” During the cleanup campaign, waste bins are placed at various locations in the neighborhoods for people to use.


The initiative by the local government, together with Tene Boneiru Limpi, Selibon, and other social organizations, aims to make the island cleaner and address the consequences of illegal dumping in nature.

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