Commissioner Thielman wants to steer Bonaire’s development in the right direction

KRALENDIJK- Commissioner of Economy and Tourism, Hennyson Thielman, has repeated in a New Year’s message that the current Executive Council wants to steer the development of the island in the right direction.

Thielman noted that when he looks at the island, he also sees division. “I sometimes see a hostile attitude towards those who have come to our island in recent years. I don’t think that fits the image of a hospitable Bonaire, with nice and friendly people.

Thielman says he understands certain concerns. “We, also as Executive Council, want the development of Bonaire to be guided in the right direction. That also means preserving our original culture and our authenticity.” According to Thielman, the island’s executive council has therefore decided to slow down the further construction of new tourist accommodation. “On the other hand, we want to build more houses for the population,” says Thielman.


According to the commissioner, Bonaire can only achieve its goals if we work together. “That’s why I call on people to work together and join forces. Only in this way can we realize our dreams and we can ensure that everyone on the island actually benefits from the further development of the island.”

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