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Commissioner Tjin Asjoe (Bonaire) Wants Closer Ties with Brussels

Kralendijk- Commissioner of Economic Affairs, Elvis Tjin Asjoe, would like to see closer ties between Bonaire and Brussels. The commissioner said this after a meeting with Euro Parliamentarian Samira Rafaela.

“For Bonaire, there are opportunities in working together with the European Union, that have been insufficiently used up to now. An example is possible contributions from funds intended for the development of islands belonging to member states of the European Union. If you want to be eligible for financial support, you must submit plans. That is why I would like to work on such plans and pursue see closer ties with Brussels”, said Tjin Asjoe.

Rafaela combined her recent vacaction to Bonaire with a short working visit. Rafael (D66) was elected to the European Parliament after campaigning on the Dutch Antillean islands and after receiving a lot of personal votes.

During her campaign, Samira Rafaela had promised to draw attention to the Caribbean parts of the Kingdom in Brussels. According to Tjin Asjoe, Rafaela has kept already made good on her promise by mentioning the islands in her introductory speech in European Parliament.

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