Commissioner Wilson grateful for succesful Saba Summer Festival

THE BOTTOM- Commissioner Rolando Wilson said he felt grateful for the fact that the Saba Summer Festival, which concluded on Sunday, July 24, turned out to be a big success.

The 46th edition of the Saba Summer Festival with the slogan “Sun, Fun and Bliss” started July 15 with a Teen’s Night and included an opening Jump Up, several well-attended concerts with many performers and bands, J’ouvert Morning and concluded with two parades on Saturday, July 23 and Sunday, July 24.

“The Saba Summer Festival has been a success and was enjoyed by many, both residents and visitors. First, I have to say a big thank you to the members of the Carnival Committee for doing an outstanding job making sure everything was put in place and ran smooth,” said Wilson.


The Commissioner further thanked the Public Works Department, the carnival revelers, the bands, DJs, security services, the Saba Red Cross members, group leaders, the Caribbean Netherlands Police Force KPCN, the Project Bureau, residents and visitors.

“Without each one of you, the Saba Summer Festival could never have taken place and been so successful. I am looking forward to next year, the 47th edition of Saba Summer Festival 2023,” said Wilson.

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