Commissioners hope of quick approval of WEB Sustainability Plan

Commissioners hope of quick approval of WEB Sustainability Plan

KRALENDIJK – After the visit of the new Secretary of State for Kingdom Relations Alexandra Van Huffelen to Bonaire and the broadcast of the Dutch research program Zembla around WEB’s sustainability project, Commissioners Nina Den Heyer and Hennyson Thielman hope that the Ministry of Economic Affairs will make a quick decision to support WEB’s plan. 

The sustainability plan should ensure that in the coming years Bonaire grows to 80 percent renewable energy production by using an innovative combination of solar and wind energy, and that at lower energy prices for residents. This proposal was submitted to the Ministry back in 2019. We are more than two years on and still no decision has been made. In the meantime, as a result of increased oil prices, tariffs have been sharply increased. 


“This would not have been necessary if there had not been endless consultations on the WEB proposal. I am now hopeful that this new cabinet will make the right decision and will support this so important project to reduce the cost of living. Van Huffelen has promised to quickly sit down with the minister of Climate and Energy Jetten after returning to the Netherlands. I’m assuming that the Zembla broadcast will help to make the right choice then,” says Den Heyer.

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