Commissioners Simmons and Wilson impressed after visiting Curacao Medical Centre

Simmons (l) and Wilson (r) during their visit at CMC

WILLEMSTAD- Commissioners Derrick Simmons (PLP -Statia) and Ronaldo Wilson (WIMP-Saba) made use of their presence in Curaçao last week to tour the Curaçao Medical Centre (CMC). Both commissioners showed themselves quite impressed by the facilities of the new hospital.

The two commissioners were guided around by CMC Head of Communications Germaine Gibbs. “I must say that CMC can now be considered a state-of-the-art facility. I am very impressed, not only with the facility itself, but also with how the treat the patients. You can see that they really try to look from the side of the patient and not only from their side”, said commissioner Simmons.

The Commissioner added that he felt that St. Eustatius could also learn from the type of care provided at CMC and that there were lessons to be learned from the transformation at CMC, from the old Hospital.

The Commissioners visited various departments during their on-site tour of CMC

The two commissioners visited, among others, the Dialysis department, the Psychiatric ward, and the Emergency room.

Not worried

Commissioner Wilson added that, after seeing the facilities, he felt that patients out of the Windward Islands have nothing to be worried about, coming to Curaçao for further treatment.  Many patients out of St. Eustatius and Saba are still sent to Curaçao for further treatment, some of who the two commissioners took time to talk to, for instance in the Children’s ward.

The commissioners were also very impressed with how big the organization is, with over 1200 employees, and for instance about 300 dialysis patients, of which about 100 receive treatment at CMC per day.

The two commissioners expressed gratitude to CMC and especially Germain Gibbs for the tour and explanation they received during their visit.

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