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Committee looking for Royal Award nominees

The 2017 recipients of a Royal Award by King Willem-Alexander. Photo: Public Entity Bonaire

Kralendijk – The Committee for the awarding of Royal Awards (Commissie Koninklijke Onderscheidingen) informs the general public they are already working on the documents to propose a number of residents to qualify for a Royal Award for the year 2018. Every year, the members of the committee themselves conduct a survey so that residents of Bonaire are included in the list of persons who receive a royal award. It goes without saying that the committee cannot be aware of all people who do special work in the community.

The committee says that it is therefore very important for all citizens to make them aware of people who might deserve such award. According to the committee, everywhere on Bonaire there are people who give a lot of themselves to society. In most cases, they do this in a way that is not visible to other people. The committee feels that it is good if these people can be brought to the spotlight. The committee therefor calls on citizens to make them aware of persons who may deserve such public recognition.

Suggested names for a Royal Decree can be shared by contacting the following members of the committee: Jeaninne Wong Loi Sing at 786 8549 or Lucia Anthony at 786 1956. You can also send an email to the following members:,,, and

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