Complaints advisory committee installed by Care and Youth Caribbean Netherlands (ZJCN)

KRALENDIJK- On the 1st of November 2022, an independent and external complaints advisory committee was installed to provide advice when evaluating complaints from residents of the Caribbean Netherlands in relation to healthcare or youth care.

According to a press release, ZJCN believes it is important to handle residents’ complaints about ZJCN with due care. All received complaints are handled by the current complaints officer at ZJCN. The complaints officer examines whether complaints are admissible and handles them if they are. There will now be an important addition to the existing complaints procedure as of the 1st of November.  In certain cases, the independent complaints advisory committee can be asked to offer advice when evaluating a complaint.

De committee will be formed Chairman F. Goedgedrag (former governor of the Netherlands Antilles), deputy chairman D.C. Kramp, and members A. McKenzie-Tatem, P. Perigault Monte and M. Molenaar.

A peculiar detail to the new advisory committee is the fact that the committee will only be called upon, when the director of ZJCN deems this desirable. “The director of ZJCN will determine when the committee is asked to provide advice about a complaint. Therefore, the complaining party does not get to choose whether or not its complaint will be examined by the complaints advisory committee”, according to ZJCN.

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