Consternation over high electricity bills on Bonaire

KRALENDIJK – In the past few days, many citizens on Bonaire have been alarmed by what they describe as significantly higher electricity bills than they are normally accustomed to. 

A social media post about the high bills on Friday received over 300 likes in a short period, and many people also reported receiving much higher bills in the mail compared to previous months.

The Water and Energy Company of Bonaire (WEB) responded to inquiries from ABC Online Media, stating that the increased electricity consumption could be attributed to the exceptionally warm weather of the past months. According to the power distributor, this could result in consumption that is 20 to 25% higher than usual.

However, some consumers have reported bills that are nearly twice as high as those in previous months, and the observations vary widely. There are also customers who claim not to have received higher bills, and users of the pre-paid PagaBon system state that their electricity consumption has remained unchanged.


A spokesperson for WEB advises customers to report cases where electricity consumption has unusually risen. “Only when customers approach us and present their bills, can we investigate whether there are genuinely unexplained discrepancies.”

Complaints about bills can be sent to 

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