Consumer Foundation: Bonaire Unable to Fix own Road Situation

A normal sight for the many motorists on the island. Not only do huge pot holes cause a lot of damage; they can actually also cost lives! Photo: ABC Online Media

Kralendijk- Consumer Organization Unkobon is of the opinion that Bonaire is not capable of fixing their own road problem.

“Two years ago, Commissioner Kroon announced that “soon” serious progress would be made with the approach to roads on Bonaire. There was an implementation plan and the Netherlands would transfer money”, says Unkobon.

The 2019-2023 implementation plan concerned the renovation of a total of 27 kilometers of road surface, spread over 38 different sections. The total cost of this plan, according to Unkobon amounted to: $18.5 million. The Netherlands already transferred 6.3 million dollars in 2019.

“Two years later, 3 pieces of this plan are ready, in total about 1 kilometer. According to the cost estimate, less than $450,000. There is still 26 kilometers to go in the planning period. Recently, the Public Entity announced that it would “work on even more roads” through 2023. But instead of more, OLB will only carry out 13 of the previously planned 38 pieces, plus two new pieces of road surface that were not planned. So not the planned 27 kilometers, but only 11 kilometers of road surface”.


Unkobon also points to the fact that statements are made by the local government, when it comes to the road issue, which are smply not true.

“Bonaire has a total of 212 kilometers of paved roads, almost everything in bad condition. In addition, 130 kilometers of unpaved roads. Many roads in residential areas are also unpaved. Now the Executive Council has a schedule to complete a total of 11 kilometers by 2023. “How long will the Island Council accept this as proof of inability? Bonaire cannot do it itself, that has already been proven several times. Renovating the roads is a 250 million dollar project, far too big for a small municipality”.

Unkobon states that their organization for some years has been trying to convince Govenrment, that Bonaire cannot complete the huge task all by itsself. “The solution is obvious. That we should have it done by the Netherlands, where the material, the necessary knowledge and the finances are available. The people deserve it”, according to Unkobon.

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