Contract signing between WEB and Delta

Kralendijk – After a rigorous process, Water –en Energie Bedrijf Bonaire N.V (WEB) selected Delta Security & Hospitality (Delta) to facilitate the security of WEB buildings. With the signing of the contract, WEB and Delta entered into a long-term partnership on May 1st 2020.

WEB contributes to public health and a high standard of living on Bonaire. They do this through an affordable, reliable and sustainable production and distribution of drinking water and the distribution of energy. WEB is also responsible for the collection and the treatment of waste water. Security is of great importance for the continuity at these facilities.

Security guard and host

Delta will facilitate the security of WEB installations. Delta also welcomes WEB customers and guides them when necessary. WEB as a strategic company for Bonaire welcomes the professional support from Delta. Delta applies the ‘new security principle’, an interplay between physical security and technology.

Delta has been active on Bonaire for eight years in the field of object and event security. Delta applies customer feedback in order to achieve an increasingly higher level of service. WEB has found a reliable, expert, experienced and professional partner in Delta.

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