Coral Restoration Exhibit opens in Terramar Museum


Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean –This week, Coral Restoration Foundation Bonaire (CRF Bonaire) proudly gathered together with supporters, volunteers, and dive shops to celebrate the opening of their exhibit in Terramar Museum.

 Terramar Museum generously gave CRF Bonaire the opportunity to use the space in the first room of the museum to educate the public about coral restoration and the importance of Bonaire’s coral reefs. To celebrate the official opening of the exhibit, CRF Bonaire was joined by its Dive Shop Members – Buddy Dive Resort, Eden Beach Club, Gooodive Bonaire, Harbour Village Beach Club, and Tropical Divers – community members who support the cause, volunteers, Board members, and those that worked tirelessly to make the exhibit possible.

 The exhibit follows the theme of Terramar Museum. Starting with a brief history of how Coral Restoration Foundation Bonaire was founded, from there museum-goers are taken along a route to learn the different steps of coral restoration, why our reefs are important to Bonaire, what has been done since Coral Restoration Foundation Bonaire began, and what every person can do to make a difference for Bonaire’s coral reefs.

 A multimedia experience, the exhibit gives museum patrons the opportunity to read about coral restoration, watch educational videos, explore fact-filled tablets, check out a life-size nursery tree, and finally quiz themselves on their knowledge. Terramar takes folks on an educational journey through the 7,000 year history of the island, and now that can be paired with what we can do to restore and protect the future of our coral reefs here on Bonaire.



About Coral Restoration Foundation Bonaire

Coral Restoration Foundation Bonaire is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing affordable, effective strategies for restoring staghorn and elkhorn corals that act as critical habitats for marine wildlife. Founded in 2012, Coral Restoration Foundation Bonaire is working to educate, inspire, and engage local volunteers and active citizens from around the world. To learn more about how to get involved or lend support, visit or email


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