Corona Certificate Required for Travel to the Netherlands

Kralendijk – Travelers to the Netherlands must present a corona certificate upon arrival from 8 August 2021. The corona proofs that the Netherlands accepts are the QR code for the vaccination certificate. Or a paper recovery receipt as proof that someone had Covid-19 less than 6 months ago and has recovered. This proof of recovery can be requested from the Public Health Department, PG, at 0800 0800. The Netherlands also accepts a paper PCR test certificate of a maximum of 48 hours before departure. Travelers can have themselves tested with one of the commercial providers on the island before departure.

Fully vaccinated residents of Bonaire can now upload the paper QR code in the coronacheck app themselves. Uploading in the coronacheck app is possible for fully vaccinated residents of Bonaire, also with a sédula. They will receive the instruction on paper when collecting the paper QR code from the Public Health Department. To request the QR code, you must make an appointment via 0800-0900.

Vaccinated residents of Bonaire who are now in the Netherlands and do not have a QR code can request the code from the GGD in Utrecht. You can do this during office hours on 030 – 8002899.

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