Corona figures Bonaire finally show downward trend

KRALENDIJK -The Corona infection figures on Bonaire finally seem to show a downward trend, with less infections and a lower amount of total active cases, compared to earlier in the week. 

While Friday still had a positive test ratio of over 16%, it had fallen to 15.1% on Saturday and 5.5% on Sunday.

Due to a significant number of people who have recovered, the total number of active cases has also fallen sharply in three days from 274 on Friday to 205 on Sunday; a decrease of about a quarter.


Meanwhile, the Public Health department is very busy with the number of infections. However, she must not only keep track of who has tested positive and process the number of tests, but also keep track of who has recovered. As a result, the processing and presentation of the figures has been somewhat slower in recent days than is normally the case.

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