Corona vaccine for children on medical grounds now possible 

Corona vaccine for children on medical grounds now possible 

KRALENDIJK – As of today, children aged 5 to 11 can also be administered the corona vaccine for medical reasons. This includes children who are seriously ill and are being treated by a pediatrician. 

They have a greater chance of becoming very ill if they would be infected with the coronavirus. On Bonaire it concerns approximately 40 of these cases. Children who have regular contact with vulnerable elderly people with serious medical problems can also get the vaccine on indication. 


These children have, for example, a grandparent in his/her eighties who lives with them in their home. Or children who often have contact with an elderly person over 50 with a serious lung disease. In such a case, parents can choose to have their child administer the corona vaccine to protect the vulnerable elderly. The parents or guardians must give their consent. 

No reason

For healthy children aged 5 through 11, there is no medical reason to get the vaccine. This also applies to children who do not have regular contact with frail elderly people who are seriously ill. In addition, it is known that children who have had Covid-19 before build up resistance to this disease.

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